Meet with Marina Berger

Marina Berger’s love for maritime pine is above all a family affair. Her father, Jean-Jacques Berger, has worked for 40 years in the forest industry with his company D’ANOSTE, the French leader in the harvesting of pine cones and the sale of his seeds to replant the Aquitain forest.

The fabulous discovery of the benefits of oil extracted from pine seeds led Marina to create Océopin brand in 2012 with the ambition to create a cosmetic range combining nobility, naturalness and efficiency. The flagship active ingredient, Maritime Pine Seed Oil, is the result of ten years of research, hallowed by international publications, and which is now considered a patented global innovation for the beauty and health sectors.

Located in Cap-Ferret (France), and trained at the French Institute for Fats and Oils in Bordeaux, Marina ensures the marketing and development of the Océopin range, which today constitutes four products that are 100% organic and 100% made in France.

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24 hours in Singapore with Gauri Garodia

Born and raised in India, Gauri Garodia got into perfumery quite by accident, when she joined the fragrance division of Unilever in 1996, and quickly grew to love this fascinating medium. A few years later, she moved to the Unilever owned Quest International, before started Sensus Consultants, a niche consultancy company offering a full spectrum of sensory design services.

It is in 2013, with encouragement from her family and friends, that Gauri decided to formalize her long held ambition of launching her very own label Code Deco, Singapore’s first artisanal perfumery.

She sees perfumery as an elegant amalgamation of art and science. Gauri conceptualises the mood and personality for each scent, and translates these into detailed creative guidelines for her expert chemists. Her inspirations can be as far ranging as music, travel and literature, but never driven by market trends.

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Your scented travel memories: Sweden

“My favorite trips have not been the ones by 12-hour flight but rather our road trips to tiny cabins in the Swedish forest. And maybe it will be exotic for most people.

Sweden has so many scents. The salty cold air by the ocean, the scent of warm ripe fields, the thin “odourless” air in the mountains, the scent of a lake in a marshland… but my all time favorite scent is the one of a Swedish fir forest.

Ever since I was little I use to walk out in to the forest. It cleared my mind and released my soul. Even now when I feel troubled I walk out in the woods and the scent releases me. I cry in the arms of what comforts me the most. So let me try to describe you this indescribable scent.

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Travel Playlist // Fall 2016

To make your experience even more sensorial, for a long time I have wanted to add some sounds and music to the photographs and scents that I share here. To get over this hurdle was not easy, how to decide what to include, what defines travel music, how to combine influences without giving way to déjà vu… Finally, here is a selection of my most recent favorite electro tunes, thus remaining true to the music that accompanies me the most. Easy listening, in the background during a day at work but also perfect to take on the road, let it play while adding up kilometers both on land or up in the sky.

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